19 Wine Country Drive
Cessnock NSW 2325

Telephone 02 4993 9000


Calvary Retirement Community Cessnock

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Information for Visitors

Visitors are welcome at any time. We have an open door policy. We ask only for co-operation in the following matters:

  • Please avoid smoking within any building. Staff will direct residents and visitors wishing to smoke to designated smoking areas.
  • On entry to the lodge, please check in with a member of the nursing staff to alert them to your presence. This also gives us an opportunity to let you know about anything that is happening on the lodge that may impact on your visit.
  • Check with the registered nurse (RN) or team leader before giving a resident any food items that may be contrary to a doctor?s dietary advice.
  • Do not enter a room when the door is closed. This allows the resident to have care attended with privacy and dignity.  Please ask staff for assistance.
  • Please avoid making excessive noise within the facility.
  • Please respect the rights of other residents and staff of the facility.

Persons who appear under the influence of alcohol will NOT be permitted on the premises and will be asked to leave.